Unfit for Command


February 8, 2015 | 12:27 AM

Unfit for Command

Unfit for Command

My rants against Barry Obama are well documented since his reign of terror began in 2009. Political repayment, re-writing of the law ( have you forgotten the reshuffling of GM stock for Big Labor?), the Fast & Furious Scandal, the IRS scandal, NSA scandal, Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap, etc., etc., etc. This period in history will be known for when the Press abandoned their First Amendment responsibility and the Democrat party checked their spine into cold storage. I am sure they will find it when a Republican reclaims the Presidency, albeit with no credibility. The sheer volume of crimes committed in this Administration would have thought some Senate D’s would have had the brass nads to do the right thing for the nation and support impeachment. Perhaps to even pressed the House to file the Articles to rid the country of this clown. Alas….

When the Republican’s wiped up the floor with the Dems this past November, the impeachment topic started to rise and then ebb. My personal thoughts were to ride the last 2 years out on this moron and then get the investigations done on Barry and his cronies. Facts don’t go away, but statute of limitations do impact prosecutions.

However, there is a point where you have to ask if the process of impeachment and all the garbage it entails is worth removing the man-child to further save the nation and the globe from the impact of his decisions. A leader must be physically and mentally fit for duty. Our nation requires all civil servants to protect the Constitution and citizens of the US. I believe Barry crossed a line of his fitness for command based on his comments at the National Prayer Breakfast. Now I am not saying the comments alone crossed the line, but when you combine his 6 year track record and now these comments, an argument can be made that the sitting POTUS Barry O is unfit for command and should  relieved of his duties.

I don’t think anyone doubts now that Barry is a Muslim. By the way – that is not a crime. I would have preferred him being honest about it and I really don’t think it would have mattered in the 2008 election if he had told the truth. The Press was in the tank for Barry and had he admitted he was Muslim, I think they would have still dug in to gloss him over. He has made no short list of his criticisms of America since his swearing-in and dismissing the idea of American Exceptionalism. That was just a warning shot.

When you look back at the hell or high water decision to get the US out of Iraq and announcing a date for all the terrorists to set their clock to, you start asking why? I am not in dispute that we needed to tie up affairs in a region that will always be at war, but it could have been handled better. Every prediction made that would occur when the US set a withdrawal date has thus come to pass. Credit the rise of ISIS to Barry’s handling of Iraq. So was the withdrawal just making good on a campaign promise or his personal view the US did not belong in Muslim lands?

Why pass on the chance to help the Iranian people during the Arab Spring?

Why did Barry negotiate with terrorists and do a 5 for 1 swap for Bowe Bergdahl?

Why does the Obama White House refuse to call the Fort Hood Shootings in 2009 an Act of Terror when it is clear they are?

Why can’t this President clearly call radical Islamic Terrorist what they are?

Maybe it is because Barry is an Islamic Terrorist sympathizer because deep ( or maybe not so deep) down Barry supports and admires the jihad against America…

As President, POTUS is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. So in addition to protecting the citizens of the US and the Constitution, you have to make decisions in the best interest of the nation for our troops. When your personal beliefs contradict those oaths taken and comments and decisions place US Troops and her citizens in harm’s way, you are not only unfit for command, you are a traitor. Traitors should not be allowed to be POTUS.

Invoking the Crusades and other foibles in Christianity and comparing them to modern-day terrorist acts is insane. I am not excusing crimes committed a 1000 years ago, but the last time I checked, Christians evolved from these periods. Radical Islam not only still exists in Neanderthal times, but the weapons available to these nut jobs far exceed even the most technologically advanced weapons of a 1000 years ago. The Radical Islamists call the US the Crusaders, referring to the slaughter committed by the Knights Templar during the Crusades to reclaim Jerusalem. So Barry the Bozo not only galvanized Radical Islam in their title of choice for the US, but he is playing directly into the hands of our enemy by giving them a massive propaganda promotion that can be used to recruit, fundraise, and direct terror towards the US and her allies. His comments will result in the deaths of our troops and innocent civilians when terrorists will claim legitimacy was granted by the President of the United States.

Were this 6 years ago, you might have given Barry a Mulligan for being a naïve idiot. Today, combined with his track record, it is not difficult to surmise that at the very least the POTUS is a Islamist Terrorist sympathizer and at the very worst a terrorist plant…..

In any case, Barry has crossed a line. He has violated his Oath of Office and has blood all over his hands with more to come.

He is unfit for command and unfit to remain in the office of President of the United States.