Where Rocketman Began


January 1, 2018 | 6:19 PM

Where Rocketman Began

Where Rocketman Began

One of the reasons I like Texas in the winter is it is usually in the 50’s for the season with some occasional dips to remind us of what real winter is over a big chunk of the USA. This 1st day of the New Year has it a 16 degrees Fahrenheit out my door. Brrr. How do you people in the north deal with this? I salute you for being tough as nails in this arctic cold far more than we are.

A cold day allows a little time behind the keyboard and a chance to reflect on current events. Events like the idiot in N Korea who is determined to start a war to prove how much of a moron he really is. I saw where Kim Jong Un (KJU) is reaching out to S Korea for peace talks, while threatening the US will nuclear “response” if attacked. You know, KJU has the nuclear button on his desk….. Wonder how much say the N Korean people had in that process? Silly me, I forgot, they have their tongues cut out if they don’t praise Boy Wonder.

Sometimes we forget that the reason the US and USSR never nuked each other was along the way, both sides figured it out that NOONE WINS. Talk deterrent, big stick, and all that, but neither wanted to end the world. I’m not so sure about this jack ass. Does he really think N Korea could win a nuclear war? Bad as China hates the current situation, they know what happens if KJU launches one toward the US. They don’t want any part of that and I believe China will play a more aggressive, albeit behind the scenes, role in reigning in the Rocketman.

But how did we get here? I think this point needs to be hammered in because the last 2 Democrat Presidents – Clinton and Obama, have done more to endanger the world since the rise of Hitler. Let’s go back to the mid 1990’s, when KJU’s dad, Kim Jung-Il rose to power following his father’s death. Jung-Il was himself a maniac. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which N Korea had signed a few years back, was about to be worthless as Jung-Il was about to shred it. Enter Clinton, desperate to salvage the situation and come out smelling like a rose. Clinton formed agreement that would have the US supply the fuel N Korea would lose from nuclear power under the agreement. Estimates put the value of what was promised in the agreement from 4 to 5 billion from John & Jane Taxpayer. Additionally, UN embargoes would loosen to allow N Korea’s economy to improve, etc, etc, etc. All N Korea had to do was allow inspections and be up front on storage of spent radioactive materials. Well, you know the story from there.

Actor James Woods put forth a blistering tweet this past summer about it. Now liberals are trying to re-write history to cover Bill’s ass. Funny thing, the agreement that was struck with N Korea was also done in a manner that was not, well technically according to Clinton, a treaty. This meant no Senate approval. Barry had a template for dealing with Iran forged by Bill, including how to hose US tax payers with paying out our cash. However, those Republicans (unlike the ones on the Iran deal) had the brass nads to bring the matter into budget negotiations and the agreement got Congressional approval. Unfortunately, here is where 2 fools met when the agreement was passed as it never should have been approved. The N Koreans defecated on the agreement and stalled inspections to grow into what we know now is a full nuclear program.  Twenty three years later and the latest N Korean dictator now has something to blow up.

And has KJU been having some fun launching his toys over the past year…..

Thanks a lot Bill.

And now you have your Rocketman.