Won’t Get Fooled Again


April 1, 2011 | 3:09 PM

Won’t Get Fooled Again

Won’t Get Fooled Again

Ahhh, April Fools Day is once again upon us. Our modern interpretation of this day has been one for pranks, jokes, and juvenile foolishment of all types. Up until the recent communist takeover of our political system, I used to have a blast on this day. One day the merriment will return.

Historically, it is believed that the concept came about during the 1500’s when French King Charles IX changed the New Year from March 25 – April 1 (new year’s week) to January 1. Imagine a world without Facebook, Twitter, the internet (Barry O is working on that one), cell phones, landlines, or basically any form of formal communication outside of carrier pigeon and word of mouth. Even a Royal Decree would have had trouble in those days making the rounds to all of the ears of the country.

Many peasants continued to practice the New Year on April 1 either due to lack of information or stubbornness in belief of the change. For the amusement of the informed, they began to be labeled as “fools” and later as “April Fools”. Harassment and prank playing on these “fools” began to evolve over time and spread throughout the old world. The tradition followed to the colonies in America where we have made it into our modern-day of general prank playing.

I think it is time to evolve this day to a new level to represent the political foolishness occurring on the state and national levels.  The American Public was played for fools and chumps in 2008 by Obama and the Democrats as they swept into office in large numbers at all levels of government. Once the public realized the mistake made, the Great Conservative Awakening began and has been in progress ever since. The November 2010 election results showed that the American Public has no intention of getting fooled again. While the conservative activism movement is not on the same level as the liberals in terms of organization and money, it has made huge strides since 2008.

There was also a message to those that the conservatives were backing – get the job done or be prepared to be a one term politician.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing court jesters believing the public can still be fooled.  On both sides of the aisle. Here is my top April Fool’s Day List of Political Idiocy:

  • Barry O still wants trillion-dollar deficit spending
  • Energy market speculators driving the cost of fuel up (last time I checked, there are no gas lines anywhere in the US and you can buy as much as you want)
  • Involvement in the Libyan Civil War
  • Republican Leaders in Congress courting moderate Democrats to pass a watered down budget
  • Obama encouraging Brazil to drill for oil while US domestic producers are idle to permitting bureaucracy
  • Republican leadership void in a real Energy Policy to make the US energy independent
  • Judicial activism in Wisconsin state judicial system staying the new laws passed by the State Assembly
  • A Republican dominated State Legislature in Texas cutting education, entertaining gambling, and thinking no consequences will result
  • One attempt at repealing the laundry list of legislation passed by the 111th Congress from the current Republican House

Oh, there are many more, but these hit the top.

It is as if none of these fools payed any attention to the American Public. We know the liberals are orbiting Pluto and we have no expectations of any change from them, but the current Republican leaders are spineless. Tell them what they want to hear, get elected, and do as you damn well want to anyway.

In the first 100 days of the Obama Regime, Congressional Democrats had rammed so much of their agenda down conservatives throats that you could not keep up with the barrage. Have we seen any similar attempt by House Republicans to reverse the damage? We all realize Obama will veto the attempts, but we want the veto stamp wore smooth and for Barry O to barely be able to lift his hand. We just do not see the aggressiveness from this group.

Well, the electorate is watching and taking notes. Primaries are less than a year away and already the courting has begun. Fundraiser invitations are going out and general butt kissing is once again occurring.  How foolish do they believe we are?

We are watching and we won’t get fooled again.