You can have Tehran, I’ll take West Texas


March 11, 2022 | 4:47 PM

You can have Tehran, I’ll take West Texas

You can have Tehran, I’ll take West Texas

In the ongoing insanity that is Russia-Ukraine, Joe & Vlad, Scarecrow & The Wolf – whatever you want to call it; what we see from Moscow, Kyiv, and DC are a group of insufferable children who cannot play well in the sandbox.

The Mad Man?
Vladimir Putin is being portrayed in the West as a mad man. While I in no way justify what he has done in Ukraine to the people and the land, I believe he had legal standing to go into the Donbas Region in the first place. Remember, a treaty was signed in 2015 that was recognized by the UN addressing the 2 sectors that wanted to leave Ukraine and return to Russia. As reports coming forth are starting to show, Ukraine has been in violation of that treaty. When Putin formally recognized the regions a few weeks back, it was to bring them back into the fold. Reports have already shown that Ukraine fired on Putin first.

He should have taken the shelling and stayed put. All the solid ground has left him since his advance in Ukraine.

However, the discovery of US funded bio weapons labs along the Russian Ukraine border makes you wonder if there are happenings afoot by our government that perhaps provoked Putin….

The Village Idiot
Volodymyr Zelensky was an actor and comedian prior to being installed as President of Ukraine. Yeah – and yes I did write installed. You see, back in 2014 the Ukraine President Poroshenko Oleksiyovych was the elected leader of Ukraine and Pro Russian. While he was as corrupt as his successor has been, the Ukraine people put him in place. As I chronicled a few weeks back, Barry & Co needed a new natural gas line to the EU to launder money through. They had started a war in Syria that had failed and there was Ukraine and all it resources.

Poroshenko was ousted and Zelensky brought in (who would be Pro West, EU) to get Ukraine closer to the EU, get Ukraine resources, and stick it in eye of Putin. That’s why Putin invaded Ukraine in 2014, took Crimea with nary a shot fired (they wanted to be Russian again), and the Donbas Region was segregated.

The problems we facing right now have their birthplace in the Obama Administration and Joe Fool is right in the middle of it.

For his part Zelensky has been the laundry mat for US Politicians via US aid and I could care less what happens to Joe Fool Jr.

The Outlaw
Joe Biden is the greatest threat to the US and world peace since the Cuban Missle Crisis. If you think $14 Billion in aid to Ukraine is aid, you need therapy. The DC crooks having removed their masks in this farce called aid. Its one final trip to the Ukraine Laundry Mat before Putin closes the shop.

For Joe to call on protecting Ukraine’s borders and send money, prepare troops, etc.; while we are being invaded on our southern border is about as self-promoting as it gets.

This man must be removed from office.

US Sanctions to Russia – Dumb & Dumber
In this game of chess, Putin was at checkmate when he went into Ukraine. He knew his targets, had reserved funds for expected consequences, and moved forward. When you’re the world’s gas station by policy and design, you have leverage.

The US Government keeps lying to us. Gas prices are rising due to available inventories, supply chain, domestic production and refining. Russia does not export crude oil. The export refined products from their crude oil and the crude from nations all over the world, including the US. They have over 700 refineries running at capacity 24\/7. We have somewhere around 50 operating at 35% due to the EPA.

Removing Russia from SWIFT was about as dumb as they come. Nations that have to buy from Russia cannot even pay for their fuels….

Russia is looking to move to the gold standard if SWIFT is not restored ASAP. China is looking at more partnership with Russia. If those two take away the USD as the currency for oil, we have issues.

Oh, and the Saudis are heavily invested in Russia. They won’t walk away for the US and have as much said so.

You can have Tehran, I’ll take West Texas and the Dakotas’
Since we are temporarily screwed stateside on production (yes, we can get to where we need to be) the Outlaw is seeking help in crude from Venezuela and Iran. Well, Vene has been a Russian protectorate for over 2 years now.

As far as Iran, Reagan has to be turning over in his grave. There are sooooo many reasons why we don’t want fuel from them. The biggest might be that it violates a 1982 US Treaty with the Saudis…. The Saudis will not see Iran back into OPEC or replace them in the US.

Odessa (Texas not Ukraine) and the Dakotas can produce more. Fire back up the Keystone and we can crank up the oil sands from Canada again.

However, we have to get refining going at capacity and that requires the EPA to the get the hell out of the way. The sector can do it, but they want assurance from an Outlaw that has done nothing but gut the industry since his installment.

We built this Beast, Going to take time to replace it
More of the world may temporarily side with Russia than the US. Don’t poop Twinkies if that happens. If it does, its out of necessity not desire. Right or wrong, nations will start to pull away from Russia as soon as they can. When the dust settles, we have to focus on America First, Last, and Always to avoid this repeating in the future.