You Can’t Legislate Evil


March 9, 2018 | 3:57 PM

You Can’t Legislate Evil

You Can’t Legislate Evil

For those that have followed me over the years, you know I don’t do knee jerk reactions to crazy crap. The Parkland Massacre is no different. As tragic as it is, it is not a reason to blanket punish the overwhelmingly majority of law abiding gun owners with additional laws. In full disclosure – in additional to having a Texas Concealed Handgun License, I have a Federal Firearms License as a dealer for one of our companies, as well as Federal Firearms License as a manufacture and importer under my wife’s company. In short, when I state I know firearms laws, I have the credentials to back up the statement.

The “We Need More Gun Laws Crowd” does not know squat on current law or facts on gunowners.
There are over 100 million Americans that legally own guns. If even a small minority of them were crazy or irresponsible with their guns, you would know as the sheer volume of deaths would be unavoidable in the news. Facts are gun dealers are required to do background checks and that check knocks out a large number of would be buyers. If you have had a DUI, DWI, assault charges of any kind, reported for spousal abuse, or a long list of items that dealers get from the ATF on why buyers are turned away – you don’t get a gun. Oh, and the dealers don’t make that call. The background check goes to the Feds. They make that call. Slapped your wife and she called the cops, so sorry no shotgun for you. So the guards for issues are there.

Then there is the waiting periods. They vary from state to state, but are a minimum of 3 to 7 days. That is for the person that can pass the tests, but might have had something happen that provokes an “I want to kill hubby/wifey tonight for cheating” sort of affair. The idea is to allow for cooling off. Its works for most of the time.

Now I hear the gun grabbers screaming “Darren – the gun shows! Anyone can get a gun there!” No, crazy leftist, they cannot. Dealers at gun shows are still required to fill out the same paperwork and do the same background checks. They are still legally liable for following the law. Now, private sellers can sell to one another and there is no current law that requires waiting periods, background checks, or paperwork. Here is an area where problems have occurred. Someone sells (or gives) to a friend and it comes back to bite them on the ass. Remember, legal gun owners have a paper trail of the purchase and serial number on the gun. Despite what the press publicizes, legally purchased guns can be tracked to where the were sold very easily. If a private transactions ends up with a crime committed, the seller of that gun can still be prosecuted. While the law does not require the same checks for private sellers as dealers to sell or trade a gun, it does not let them off the hook for not disclosing the sale to the new buyer. Now is this a perfect process? No. However, to blanket punish 99.99999% of gun owners is insane for the mistakes of a few. That’s not majority management, that tyranny through fear tactics.

The facts are that 99.99999% of legal gun owners you will never hear about. That .000001 % that Nikolas Cruz falls into is a category that no law will ever prevent because YOU CANNOT LEGISLATE EVIL That is what this little bastard is and no law would have stopped his thought process. Now we can debate whether or not this could have been prevented because of the clues, warning signs, and miscues that happened along the way. But evil will find a way. If it was not a gun, it would have been a bomb or car or some other device to cause maximum death and destruction. Raising the purchase age of a gun to 21 is crap without showing me a buttload of data showing crimes committed with legally purchased guns of people under 21. I already have an issue with someone being 18 and not being able to drink in many states, and I don’t drink or like drinking. However, it you can be determined legal at 18 to vote and die for your nation, you damned well should be able to buy a drink legally and protect yourself. Jacking the age to 21 is a way to satisfy the slobbering leftists that hate guns on any level. There is no sound basis to institute law over a single incident.

Mental Health & Owning Guns
No one wants a crazy person getting a gun. That is not what is at issue. Gun grabbers want a laundry list of ailments that any person could have at any time and thus opening up a way to ban firearms. Legal gun owners will not let that happen. What we are open to is a reasonable discussion on aliments that have a track record leading to violence and hard definitions. Nonetheless, people like Nikolas Cruz will still slip through any system as evil can pass for sane.

Caution to the Gun Grabbers
Gun owners have firearms for a number of reasons from protecting their families to collecting to sporting & hunting. At the core of the 2nd Amendment was a directive to the new colonists become Americans to remember – bearing arms is the only way to keep government at bay. That means have the ability to keep the domestic government in check through the citizens ability to take it back if it gets too far out of line. Various nations in history that became republics later turned tyrannical. That can happen here as well. Our government is by and from the people, not a entity above the people. If it attacks its people, you cannot take the government back with pitchforks and torches. Then there is keeping other governments at bay. That means national defense. There is written evidence to the fact that the former Soviet Union never invaded the US due to one simple fact – our citizens were too well armed and are essentially the largest army on the planet. They would have been slaughtered.

Reality in the World of Today
While I am happy N Korea want to talk of eliminating the nukes, their missiles don’t worry me. It is a porous border that allows our enemies easy passage into the nation to attack us from within. We have watched it happen in the EU for the past several years. We are not exempt from it and our enemies are evil.

And you cannot legislate evil.