November 7, 2012 | 2:33 PM



For those who voted to re-elect Barry to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, I just have a few questions I would like answered.

I thought it would be best to classify these questions by interest group, as that is obviously how you want to be portrayed…..

If you are white and voted for Barry, was it because you still felt white guilt or somehow bought into the press nonsense of being racist if you did not vote for him?
If you are black and voted for Barry, did you bother and look how you have fared economically under his administration?
If you are a woman and voted for Barry, do you like being defined only by your lower half of your anatomy and ignoring your intellectual qualities?
If you are Hispanic and voted for Barry, do you really embrace abortion and the trashing of family values promoted by this POTUS?
If you are poor and voted for Barry, do you enjoy being a slave the government handouts?
If you are a businessperson and voted for Barry, are you just freaking stupid?

I ask these questions for a simple reason – did you ignore the FACTS about Barry when voting like:

  • The fact that the nation is at higher unemployment now 4 years later because of Barry’s policies.
  • The fact that people like Reagan and Bush 43 took over crappy economies and turned them around in their first terms.
  • The fact we have NOTHING – not roads,  bridges, electrical grid improvements, etc – to show for the Stimulus.
  • The fact we have people at poverty levels and on food stamps that are the highest in our nation’s history.
  • The fact Barry’s interference in the auto industry, setting aside paying bondholders to put union workers ahead with gifts of stock, was unprecedented.
  • The fact Barry has appointed more czars than Russia to circumvent Congress.
  • The fact he has hidden his role in Fast & Furious, one of several attempts to gin up ideas to take 2nd Amendment rights.
  • The fact that BO Care will continue to make health insurance less affordable.
  • The fact that small businesses will continue to not hire under the increasing regulations promoted by Barry.
  • The fact he has shown ZERO willingness to work across the aisle.
  • The fact he sat and watched as our Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered.

Does any of this bother you?

Just what makes you think he will do any different for our nation in the next 4 years?

Your freedom will continue to be eroded in the name of social justice, redistribution, or whatever other spin Barry and his minions put on your continued enslavement.

Just remember, you were forewarned…..